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The ESA tool enables the sub-contractors , the prime and the customers to fill in, and control the declared materials, mechanical parts and processes lists. The tool is network enabled.


IThe ESA DMPL Tool programme and manual can be downloaded here. This version of the tool is

The ESA DMPL Tool had a major update. The ESTEC FTP server is no longer supported. All files are copied to the ESMAT server.
The ESTEC FTP server remains active for old ESA Tool versions. An update service checks if the latest ESA DMPL Tool version is installed. The latest version can be downloaded and this replaces the local version now automatically.

The ESMAT FTP server is no longer used for security reasons. The ESMAT server can be reached via WEBDAV. The WEBDAV method avoids the use of firewalls (it uses port 80) but needs the WEBCLIENT service to run on your PC. (ask your administrator to automatically startup this service). The connections are organized within the ESA DMPL Tool.

The Crystal Report 8.5  print engine is no longer used. The setup of this print engine caused difficulties when used on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems. It is replaced by the FastReport 4 print engine. This engine is build in the ESA DMPL Tool itself and does not need any setup

To install the DMPL Tool, download the and save the zip file in an appropriate location, unzip it and run ESA_DMPL_setup.exe.
The setup creates a ESA DMPL folder under User/personal_name directory and creates a desktop icon and an entry in start/programmes
A minimum can be installed using
this zip file. Unzip it in an appropriate User directory and it is ready to run. Updates can be downloaded via the main window.

An example database is included in the file. The project is called example.
The password for the prime is prime. Create a subcontractor file (use sub1) in the file management screen. The sub contractor is defined.(password: SUB1)

To facilitate to use of the ESA dmpl tool, a transformation progarmme is developed to transform data of an existing M&P list into the correct format and import the data into an existing or a new M&P database. The requirement for use of the transform tool is that the M&P lists (dml, dpl and dmpl) are presented in an MSExcel format

A transform file (also in MSExcel format) has to be written which connects the format of the ESA Tool to the existing M&P files. Numereous examples of writing this transform file are given.