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The ESA DMPL Tool had a major update. The ESTEC FTP server is no longer supported.
The ESTEC FTP server remains active for old ESA Tool versions.

The ESMAT FTP server is no longer used for security reasons. The ESMAT server can be reached via WEBDAV. The WEBDAV method avoids the use of firewalls (it uses port 80) but needs the WEBCLIENT service to run on your PC. (ask your administrator to automatically startup this service). The connections are organized within the ESA DMPL Tool.

The Crystal Report 8.5  print engine is no longer used. The setup of this print engine caused difficulties when used on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems. It is replaced by the FastReport 4 print engine. This engine is build in the ESA DMPL Tool itself and does not need any setup

The ESA tool enables the sub-contractors , the prime and the customers to fill in, and control the declared materials, mechanical parts and processes lists.

For any questions related with the DMPL tool please contact