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    Here you will find the powerpoint presentations given by the Materials & Processes Division during SME courses in 2000 and 2002

Given in 2000:

Metallic Materials
Organic Materials
Bimetallic tables
Contamination Control
Nasa Maptis Intro
MAPTIS hard and software
Maptis data fields
Old MAPTIS screens
Thermal Vaccum Stability
Frictional Heating
Nasa testing standards
Upward Flame Propagation: Test 1 from NASA-STD-6001
Electrical Wire Insulation: Test 4 from NASA-STD-6001
Determination of Offgassed Products: Test 7 from NASA-STD-6001
Simulated Panel or Major Subassembly: Test 10 from NASA-STD-6001
Mechanical Impact for Materials in Ambient Pressure LOX: Test 13a from NASA-STD-6001
Mechanical Impact for Materials in Variable  Pressure GOX and LOX: Test 13b from NASA-STD-6001
Pressurized Gaseous Oxygen Pneumatic Impact for Nonmetals: Test 14 from NASA-STD-6001
Upward Flammability of Materials in GOX (Promoted Combustion): Test 17 from NASA-STD-6001
Arc Tracking: Test 18 from NASA-STD-6001

Given in 2002:

Metallic materials
Organic materials
Materials for manned Payloads
Testing for manned payloads
Contamination Control

    These handouts are released for general instruction purposes only. They are not meant to take any precedence over applicable project requirements, documents and definitions
    Reference should always be made to ESA-ESTEC/TEC-QM division when using the presentations or parts of these presentations.