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Corrosion & Stress Corrosion

Bimetallic Compatible Couples - A. de Rooij, (ESA-ESTEC) ESA Journal 1989, Vol. 13, p199

Experimental Assessment of the Susceptibility to Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy exposed to Mon-1 Propellant Tank Environment - Background and Test Design - G. Bussu, D. Stramaccioni, I. Kalsch, ESA International Propulsion Conference, 2-4 June, Chia, Sardinia, Italy

ESA Approach to the Prevention of Stress-Corrosion Cracking in Spacecraft Hardware - G. Bussu and B.D. Dunn. Joint ESA-NASA Space Flight Safety Conference, 11-14 June 2002, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The Corrosion Properties of Spacelab Structural Alloy Aluminium 2219-T851 - B. D. Dunn (ESA-ESTEC) ESA STR-212

Corrosion Experiments under Humidity Conditions using Polarization Techniques
- L. Cavalli (Alcoa-CH) and A. de Rooij (ESA-ESTEC), 16th International Corrosion Congress September 19-24, 2005, Beijing, China

Bimetallic Compatibility for Space Applications - A. de Rooij (ESA-ESTEC) and L. Cavalli (Alcoa Aerospace-CH), Collioure-F, ISMSE & the 8th ICPMSE, Collioure, France, 19-23 June 2006

Polarization Measurements Under Atmospheric Conditions Using a Kelvin probe as a Reference Electrode - A. de ROOIJ (ESA-ESTEC), 17th International Corrosion Congress - NACE October 2008, Las Vegas

Assessment of Chemical Conversion Coatings for the Protection of Aluminium Alloys A Comparison of Alodine 1200 with Chromium-Free Conversion Coatings
A.M. Pereira, G. Pimenta Instituto de Soldadura e Oualidade (ISO), Oeiras, Portugal, B.D. Dunn, Product Assurance and Safety Department, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands, ESA-STM-276

Advanced plasma electrolytic oxidation treatment for protection of light weight materials and structures in a space environment
S. Shrestha - Keronite International Ltd, Cambridge CB21 6GP, United Kingdom, B. D. Dunn - European Space Agency, NL-2201AZ Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands

Conversion coatings for aluminium alloys: a surface investigation for corrosion mechanisms - Rossana Grilli, PhD Thesis, University of Surrey, March 2010